Bali DC Ceiling Fan

Direct current (DC) fans have so many fantastic benefits such as only using half the power of alternating current (AC) fans and having smaller motors that allow for better design. We recently introduced our new range of DC fans – the BALI.

These fans have an exquisite design that allows them to be the feature of any space. Each of the 3 blades connect at the base of the motor in an attractively smooth manner. Featuring a 5 speed remote and exceptional air flow, these beautiful DC fans are the perfect option for any stylish home!

New DC Ceiling Fans

We are really excited to announce the arrival of three new models in our DC range of ceiling fans.

The Aero, the Avalon and the Avoca – all new and all energy efficient DC ceiling fans. Each of these DC Ceiling Fans are supplied with a 6 speed remote control and have a 3 year in home warranty. Part of the Urban Ceiling Fans range, these 3 new models join the very popular Evolution DC ceiling fan.

The standout is the hand finished Aero DC Ceiling Fan in Dark Koa (DK) finish – we have had customers swear that the blades are made from real wood – come in and see for yourself.

Ceiling Fans in Winter?

Why not look at ceiling fans in winter? Most ceiling fans are designed with a summer/winter reversing switch – allowing the warm air created by heaters, which gathers up at the ceiling level, to be circulated around the room without drafty breezes. We have great offers on ceiling fans right now – ask one of our team in store to assist you.

Ventalux Bathroom exhaust fans

Why should I install an exhaust fan?

Bathrooms, laundries and kitchens are particularly prone to moisture problems caused by high humidity. Every time you run hot water, you create steam. That steam penetrates every crevice, and soon cools down and turns to water resulting in condensation. This feeds mold, mildew and even in some cases can contribute to structural rot. Read more Ventalux Bathroom exhaust fans

Ventalux Bathroom exhaust fans – heat/light/exhaust

These awesome 3-in-1’s have everything you could possibly want, with a bathroom light, heater and an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture from the air
The Ventalux range of 3-in-1 Bathroom Heater, Exhaust Fan and Light have a stylishly simple yet elegant design. Featuring a slim profile, they are ideal for all contemporary bathroom designs and tastes. Read more Ventalux Bathroom exhaust fans – heat/light/exhaust

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have become popular because people have found they can save on energy costs while satisfying decorative needs and increasing personal comfort. A ceiling fan (without a light) draws on average 40 watts of power on medium speed. Based on 19 cents per kilowatt hour, it would cost less than 20 cents to operate your ceiling fan for 24 hours.

Fan Efficiency

There are many factors taken into account when making the selection of a ceiling fan.

The air volume flow produced by ceiling fans is important in determining the relative EFFICIENCY of the fan.

Air volume movement is measured in cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or cubic feet per minute (cfm).

1 cubic foot per minute = 1.6990108 cubic meters / hour

The air volume flow produced relative to the watts consumed gives a ratio expressed as cubic meters per hour per watt. ([m3/h]/W)
Read more Fan Efficiency