Andrews Gift Ideas


When it comes to choosing a Christmas Gift we think lamps make a great practical choice – of course!

Think about it, a beautiful designer lamp adds not just that design highlight to a room, but provides an ambience that cannot be beaten. Or the selection of a practical desk lamp for the one you love will show you really care – whether the student in your family or the avid jigsaw puzzler – a good task lamp goes a long way.

And remember to select the correct light source for your lamp – wram white for that tasteful ambience, or cool white for a clean crisp task light – and LED of course!

Solstice – Shortest Day:Longest Night

So the days are shorter, and it is dark earlier, and you are sitting in your living room looking at those sad old lampshades.

Did you know it is super easy to give your lamps a fresh new look by simply replacing the lampshades. Maybe they are shabby or just the wrong colour – replacing the shade on a table or floor lamp creates a whole new look; and it is not expensive.

Your nearest Andrews Light Up store has hundreds of replacement lampshades in dozens of sizes and colours – and they are 30% Off the regular price.

If you are not sure what will look right on you base, bring it in, and our helpful team will assist you to find the best shade for your base.

Or if you want an entirely new look, you will be hard pressed to find as many different lamps on display and in stock as you will at an Andrews Light Up store.

We have a selection of our shades available online, but many more available in store.

Perno and Chad Desk Lamps

Embracing the interior design trends of minimalism and Nordic design, we have expanded our collection of fittings featuring wooden features this year. The new Chad and Perno desk lamps are a perfect blend of timber and minimal metalware. While both of these new additions boast simplicity and practicality, they make for stunning design pieces that bring a modern touch to your study or bedroom.

Erica Lamp

We are particularly excited about the Erica, a brand new table lamp joining our range for 2016. The Erica combines two trends we love, with a natural wood finish and stunning vintage filament lamp. The Erica is the perfect size for a desk, much like our new Chad and Perno desk lamps.

Lamp Shades

Looking to update your bedroom/lounge room or other living areas? A simple and effective way to add some character, colour, warmth and pizzazz to any room is the addition of a new table or floor lamp. If you have an existing lamp that is looking a little worse for wear, by just updating it with a new lamp shade will certainly give it a new, exciting lease on life. When selecting a shade to suit your lamp base there are a lot of different factors to consider:

1. Will the shape of the shade suit the base?
Generally if the base has curvy characteristics, cylinder or tapered shades will likely suit the base more than square or rectangular shades.

2. What size shade will appear most balanced for the base?
By rule of thumb, a shade that is one-third the height of the base will appear in proportion. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If your base is very wide or round, then shades larger than one-third base height will be required.

3. What is the purpose of the lamp the shade is complimenting?
If you intend to use the lamp for reading, you will get optimal lighting from a light coloured shade. Try our extensive range of white and cream coloured shades. To bring warm mood lighting to the room, darker colours or patterned shades may be more suitable.

It is often very helpful to bring your existing base into an Andrew’s Light-Up store and have our friendly staff help you select the shade to best compliment your lamp base.

Lamp shades may also be hung from suspension fittings as an excellent alternative to buying a complete pendant. If you ever desire a change, you can easily change it yourself without the need of an electrician.

For further information, and professional assistance, contact one of our stores and a helpful team member will be able to assist you.