Outdoor Garden Lighting

Outdoor garden lighting allows you to add charm and character to your garden at night while making it safe and more secure.

Creative garden lighting concentrates on subtle schemes that create atmosphere and enhance the plants, garden features and surrounding architecture.

It is important to visualise the effect you want to achieve first – then select the best lights to do the job. Your aim should be to create a beautifully lit garden where the “effect” of the lighting is more obvious than the lights themselves. You want to minimise glare – so that the plant or garden feature is what draws your attention, and not the overly bright or glary light bulb.

Having said that, there is a place for a feature outdoor garden light – on the gates or fence is one such application, or along driveways or paths.

One key consideration with outdoor lighting of your garden and home is that often less is best. This may seem strange coming from someone trying to sell lights! When you select outdoor lighting it is always a temptation to use the biggest light bulb possible to throw the “most light”. Generally outdoor lighting is not competing with much more than the moon and stars, so often a lower wattage light bulb is sufficient to achieve the effect.

As energy efficient lighting develops, the garden is an ideal place to use LED lighting.

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