Lamp Shades

How often do you have a beautiful lamp base, but the shade is looking a bit shabby or is the wrong colour?

Our extensive range of loose lampshades gives you the opportunity to extend the life of your lamp base, and give a new fresh look to your room. Most of our shades will suit just about any base – the limits are your imagination and design flair.

We source our range of lamp shades with an eye to the latest styles, colours and fabrics – mindful of the wide range of bases out there they need to suit.

Why not design your own lamp base and shade by selecting from our range of bases, and selecting a loose lamp shade to suit?

Measuring Lamp Shades

The way we measure a lampshade is using the 3 dimensions, the distance across the top, across the bottom and straight down the side.

So for example a 250-430-280 shade is 250mm (10″) across the top, 430mm (17″) across the bottom and 280mm (11″) down the side.

For more information on measuring shades and shade fittings.