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Andrews Light Up On-Line Privacy Policy

Andrews Light Up is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.  Andrews
Light Up respects your privacy and are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and the National
Privacy Principles set by the Federal Privacy Commissioner.


This Privacy Statement sets out privacy policy and explains what we do with the
personal information that we collect from our customers and prospective customers. 


Please read the following to understand our views and practices regarding personal
information, and how they pertain to you as you use our various products and services. 
This statement discloses our current privacy practices, if we make any changes to
this policy, we will announce it via an e-mail and on our web site.  If you
have any questions or concerns regarding this statement, please e-mail

What information does Andrews Light Up gather about its customers?

The bulk of the information Andrews Light Up has about its site users and customers
is the information we get through the “Registration Form” you complete
when your first register as a user or subscriber to the Andrews Light Up website
or become a customer of Andrews Light Up. If you are a business, we may also gather
information from your web site, from the Australian Securities Commission and by
querying a “Whois” tool on the Internet.


Sometimes we conduct surveys, and although these can be anonymous, we prefer to
get your contact details so that we can follow-up on any issues that need clarification.

How does Andrews Light Up use your personal information?

Andrews Light Up uses the information it has about is customers to:

  • Fulfil requests for products and services as requested by the customer.
  • Develop internal marketing programs and initiatives.

Will Andrews Light Up disclose any of your personal information?

Andrews Light Up will not disclose any information about its clients or prospective
clients to any third party without consent.

Will Andrews Light Up use your information for direct mailings?

Andrews Light Up will, from time to time, e-mail its customers with information
that we believe is important for the smooth operation of the service, or is information
which will improve the performance or value of the customer’s web site.

How can you correct or revise information Andrews Light Up has about
you or your business, deactivate your subscription, or cancel your registration
as a user of our site?

To change your account details simply email
with your new details.

To cancel your subscription or registration as a user of our site, please email

How does Andrews Light Up use Cookies on its website?

Andrews Light Up uses Cookies to:

  • Ensure that only registered users gain access to the member area of the website
  • Track, log and collate the use of the website so that we can improve the user experience.

If you have any further questions regarding your privacy and the privacy of Andrews
Light Up please email

End of Detailed Andrews Light Up Privacy Policy
Revised: March 2010 © Andrews Light Up