Solstice – Shortest Day:Longest Night

So the days are shorter, and it is dark earlier, and you are sitting in your living room looking at those sad old lampshades.

Did you know it is super easy to give your lamps a fresh new look by simply replacing the lampshades. Maybe they are shabby or just the wrong colour – replacing the shade on a table or floor lamp creates a whole new look; and it is not expensive.

Your nearest Andrews Light Up store has hundreds of replacement lampshades in dozens of sizes and colours – and they are 30% Off the regular price.

If you are not sure what will look right on you base, bring it in, and our helpful team will assist you to find the best shade for your base.

Or if you want an entirely new look, you will be hard pressed to find as many different lamps on display and in stock as you will at an Andrews Light Up store.

We have a selection of our shades available online, but many more available in store.