Ventalux Bathroom exhaust fans – heat/light/exhaust

These awesome 3-in-1’s have everything you could possibly want, with a bathroom light, heater and an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture from the air
The Ventalux range of 3-in-1 Bathroom Heater, Exhaust Fan and Light have a stylishly simple yet elegant design. Featuring a slim profile, they are ideal for all contemporary bathroom designs and tastes.

Suitable for small to medium bathrooms with a ceiling height of between 2400mm and 2700mm, it will keep you warm through the chilliest of times.

Have you ever wondered where that mold in your bathroom comes from or why the paint near the ceilings is starting to peel? The answer is moisture. Bathrooms are just designed to accommodate running water so naturally there is a build-up of moisture in the air. This build-up, if allowed to linger in the bathroom, is enough to eventually create a great habitat for all kinds of molds and mildews.

Besides the paint peeling, moisture can cause the bathroom door to warp in its frame, floor molding to pull away from the walls, and any exposed metals to start to corrode. So what do you do to get rid of the moisture? You install a ventilation fan in the bathroom.

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