Ventalux Bathroom exhaust fans

Why should I install an exhaust fan?

Bathrooms, laundries and kitchens are particularly prone to moisture problems caused by high humidity. Every time you run hot water, you create steam. That steam penetrates every crevice, and soon cools down and turns to water resulting in condensation. This feeds mold, mildew and even in some cases can contribute to structural rot. It is important to provide some means of expelling the moist air along with any potentially unpleasant odours which may form. To expel humid air before it has the chance to condense, every bathroom needs ventilation, in most cases the best ventilation for a bathroom/laundry or kitchen is an exhaust fan.

What should I look for when purchasing an exhaust fan?

Most new homes come with some form of adequate exhaust system, however in older homes often there is either no form of ventilation at all or the exhaust fan provided is underpowered. When buying a new Ventalux Heater / Exhaust Fan / Light, be sure to check its rating for air movement, which is measured by cubic feet per minute (CFM). For an average-size bathroom, the minimal requirement is 80 CFM. Our range of Ventalux fittings are designed for an average bathroom. The TWIN heater models are perfect for an Ensuite or second bathroom, and the four heater models – larger bathrooms. The exhaust fans are centripetal, and highly efficient with the ducting kits provided.

Where do I position my exhaust fan?

For an exhaust fan to perform at maximum efficiency, it’s vital that the exhaust fan has access to a balanced airflow. This means that the volume of air being exhausted by the fan must be matched by that flowing into the room. The best source of this in-flowing air is fresh air either from a window, vent or grille in a door or exterior wall, whatever the position its important to position the exhaust fan opposite this source of in-flowing air to encourage a cross-breeze which is essential to clear vapour and odours.
It’s important not to position an exhaust fan too close to a door/window as this will provide air circulation at the door/window but have little or no effect on the rest of the room.
For ventilation of bathrooms with a shower it’s recommended to use a ducted in roof mounted exhaust fan. This allows the extract grille to be installed directly above the shower for maximum efficiency whilst maintaining electrical safety with the fan being remote from any water spray. The Ventalux range are all ducted, and supplied with a ducting kit.

Can I install an exhaust fan myself?

No, you cannot – we always recommend a licensed electrician install any electrical fitting unless the product is marked as Do-It-Yourself.

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